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Ultra Slim LED Light Pad
Ultra Slim LED Light Pad
Ultra Slim LED Light Pad
Ultra Slim LED Light Pad

Ultra Slim LED Light Pad

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This LED light pad will become your new best friend as you dive into diamond painting because it will make the whole process that much easier while giving your eyes the rest that they deserve. Its ultra-lightweight and slim design makes it easy to slip under your diamond painting canvas without ruining the painting. It comes with a USB charger and takes DC 5V to charge. It comes with different light settings and is made of sturdy acrylic material. 

Size: 33.5cm x 23.3cm
Working Area: 31.1cm x 23.8cm

Premium Tool Set for Diamond Painting:

  1. 1. Self Adhesive Canvas
  2. 2. Diamond Applicator Pen
  3. 3. A set of Tweezers
  4. 4. A Tray to sort Diamonds
  5. 5. Glue
  6. 6. Labeled bags of diamonds
premium diamond painting tools

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