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Round Drills Vs. Square Drills - Which are Better?

The shiny and glittery diamond paintings may make you feel overwhelmed when you want to buy a new kit, especially for the first time. Now, you must have heard chit-chat from diamond artists about different kinds of diamond drills, also known as drills, rhinestones, or resins. And you may be confused as to which diamond drills are better.

Round Diamonds VS Square Diamonds

When choosing the shape of the diamond drills, you should keep in mind your level of expertise, the glow in the final diamond painting, the ease of applying the drills, and the time to complete the project.

But rest assured, no matter what drills you work with, the final result will be a sparkly and gallery-worthy art piece that you will treasure for years.

Round Drills

Round drills are "circular" in shape and slightly bigger than square diamond drills. Round drills tend to sparkle more because of more facets. (number of angular surfaces or cuts). These drills give the look of a "cross stitch" to the final result.

round diamonds 

Even though it's considered a choice for beginners, the amazing variety of available kits and sparkle of the drills have made it befit both beginners and pro-level artists.

Likewise, certain designs look better in round drills than square drills. For example, check out this Mandala art, and Glow in the Dark art pieces.

Square Drills

Most diamond painting artists' preferred choice, square diamond drills, fit together with no gaps and create sharp, straight lines. These diamond drills, due to their square shape, give a "mosaic" look to the final result of diamond painting.

square diamonds

Now, let's dig in to understand their differences in detail.

Size Difference

Although the difference in the diamond drills' size is very minute and easily negligible, it still makes a difference in diamond painting, where the smallest details are counted.

Round diamond drills are bigger than their counterpart square drills, and they have a size of 2.8 x 2.8 mm. (0.28 x 0.28 cm.).

Square diamond drills have dimensions of 2.5 x 2.5 mm (0.25 x 0.25 cm).

Round Diamonds vs Square Diamonds

Easy and Forgiving Vs. Precision

Round diamond drills are given the name "most forgiving" by the diamond artists, and rightly so. If you slightly misplace the round diamond drills on the canvas, it wouldn't show in the final result, nor would you have to use the straightener to create a smooth line. Because of the round edges, these diamond drills have space among them, so they get adjusted and forgive the artists' slightly shaky hands.

On the contrary, square diamond drills require precision to place diamond drills. Even a single slightly misplaced diamond would cause the surrounding diamonds to be affected. Precision and firm hands are the keys to perfection when using square diamond drills.

Round & Square Diamonds in Diamond Painting

It's always the best choice to use an LED light pad while working with tiny, shimmery square beads.

Difference in Glow

The glow of the diamonds depends on the number of facets a diamond drill has. The more facets there are, the brighter the sparkle. But it isn't enough! The way these diamonds are cut also adds to the glow.

To understand more about the concept of facets and their relation to shine, read 3D vs. 5D diamonds.

Due to the cut, the round diamond drills look more sparkly. However, square diamonds are also not less sparkly in any way. It's just their shape and cut that make the difference.

Glowing Diamonds for Diamond Painting
Complete Coverage for the Fuller Look

If you want a fuller look that gives complete coverage, you can choose a square diamond painting kit. The square diamond drills, when placed side by side, don't leave any gaps among them. And the background canvas doesn't peek through the square diamonds, giving it wholesome coverage.

On the other hand, round diamond drills don't give a fuller look, and the background canvas is visible through the gaps.

Square Diamonds Compact Look
For a Full Detailed Look and Depth of the Artwork

Some of the finer details are lost in the round diamond drill paintings. The reason: size and gap. The round drills are slightly bigger and have gaps between them. So, you might not get to see the fine lines and smaller details. For example, a complicated design with no definite lines that divide objects in an image gets a blurry feel in round drills.

Square diamond drills give more depth due to their cut, and you can see the finer details even from afar.

Round Diamonds Glowing Look
Resolution Difference

Have you seen a movie in 480p and 1080p? The movie with 1080p has better resolution due to more pixels. Similarly, if we do the same diamond painting with both round and square drills, we may notice that diamond painting with square diamond drills has more drills in the same space as compared to the round drills if we scrutinize them side by side.

It results in better resolution with square diamond drills than with round diamond drills.

Square Diamonds VS Round Diamonds
The Satisfying "Snap" Sound

Most diamond artists use the "checkered method" to stick the square diamonds to the canvas. At the end of filling the checkered blank spaces, you get a click sound, which is satisfying in itself. This is only for square diamonds, as they are closely aligned. Round diamonds already have tiny spaces in between.

Popping Diamond Drills

Square diamonds don't have space among them. So, the diamonds can pop out easily, as there is no room for them to jiggle.

You may need to use rollers to fix them in their places or reapply the adhesive to fix the popping diamonds.

Round diamonds have a slight gap, so they have room to adjust. And they don't pop out as much as square drills. That's another bonus point for round drills, especially for a beginner.

AB Diamonds in Square and Round Shape

Apart from 3D and 5D diamond drills, some drills have extra sparkle due to iridescent coating on them. These diamond drills are called AB (Aurora Borealis) drills due to their resemblance to the Northern Lights.

Aurora borealis Diamonds

They come in both round and square shapes and are used in combination with 3D or 5D drills. A kit may include some of the AB diamonds to enhance and give extra shine to some specific areas on the canvas.

Our Verdict: Which Diamonds Are Better?

Round and square, both diamonds look unique and sparkly in their own way. Choosing a diamond drill is your personal preference, as no drills are bad drills! Choose round one if you want to complete the project faster and with ease. Choose square drills if you yearn for more depth with a fuller look.

Round vs Square Diamonds

Whatever drills you decide to go with, the result will be a glorious diamond painting that you will be happy to show off to your friends and family.

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