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Impressions - Unveiling the New Form of Custom Diamond Painting

The satisfaction of completing a dazzling custom diamond art of your loved one is unmatchable. We are emotionally associated with this form of diamond art and relish it for the years to come. Transforming your grandkids or pet's pictures into a sparkly and glittery diamond art brings everlasting happiness.

And then, there is the younger generation who is obsessed with image filters on the mobile app to create cartoon images, mosaic images, poly art, and so many other filters. These Instagram-worthy filters add new digital magic to make it more visually appealing.

But, how cool it would be to bring the same magic of these filters into our custom diamond painting.

Main Image

"It means custom diamond painting in various filters."

Custom Diamond Painting Effects

Seeing the day-by-day increasing interest of craft lovers and selfie filter users, paint with diamond has come up with the new idea of bringing filters into custom diamond paintings.

"Impressionist Diamond Painting is a custom diamond art-meet-filters. The combination of filters and mosaic custom diamond painting will capture your memories in a unique sparkly style."

The gist of it is that you choose the impressionist filter and submit a photo that you want to convert into custom diamond art. And we will apply the filter on it before converting it into the custom diamond painting kit.

The best part is that you won't have to convert the photo into filters anymore, as our effect creators will do that for you. You will get to preview your custom filters and choose the filter you like the most and only then, we will convert it into custom diamond painting.

Paint with Diamond has introduced four categories of such custom diamond painting. Let's have a look at them individually.

1. Cartoonizer Effect

The truth is we all have dreamt of living in the cartoon world in our life back in our childhood days. It wasn't just possible at that time! So, we would request a cartoonist to turn images into cartoons by hand. Now, we can simply change it via an android app. In custom diamond painting, the cartoonizer effect is meant to turn any picture into a beautifully restyled comic book cartoon effect.

Catoonizer Effect

It will add a whimsical style to your image without exaggerating or distorting it. After the conversion, your image will look as if it came straight from your favorite cartoon shows.

Imagine turning your kid's or grandkid's images into Cartoonizer custom diamond painting! Only the imagination brings a smile, right? So, why wait!

Go and check the impression cartoon effect of custom diamond painting.

2. Impressionist Custom Diamond Painting

This form of custom diamond painting is the inspiration from vivid colored oil paintings created by the artists who were called "impressionist." The innovative approach of impressionism artwork is focused on bright colors, blurring the details. Impressionism is now a craze among youngsters to change their images into impressionist paintings. However, unlike old times, the young generation now uses filters to change images into paintings.

Impressionist effect

These painting-like pictorial expressions are efficiently translated into diamond paintings by our designers, so you won't have to use any other app or software for it. The paintings which were once considered the forte of impressions are now within our approach. However, the fascinating twist is the color overlay, where you get to choose from available overlays. So, we can say, it's an oil painting that sparkles! 

Check all color overlays and contact our team for a free preview of available choices.

3. Poly Art Effect Diamond Painting

Polygon effect was the design trend back in the old days but, it's now coming back in style again. You may not be familiar with the term poly art, but you certainly have seen it. The word "poly" is short for "polygon."

Poly art Effect

Poly art is geometrical shapes (polygons) combined in specific colors to mimic any design, person, or animal. Simply put, it's an image composed of polygons. It gives the image a crystallized 3D look. The colored poly art itself looks like the facets of the diamond drills that reflect light like a prism. So, when your image transforms into poly art, and you will adorn the artwork with shiny diamond drills, the sparkly effect of diamond painting will be doubled!

Check Poly Art custom diamond painting for a doubled crystallized and glowy effect.

4. Mosaic Custom Diamond Painting

Mosaic is a pixelated or tiles effect that adds a certain level of blurriness to the image and turning it into an astounding artistic effect. Full drill diamond painting itself is attributed to creating a mosaic effect. Add mosaic filter into the scenario, and the result will be a double dose of sparkly mosaic effect. 

Mosaic Effect

Paint with diamond has introduced the concept of capturing the crystallized mosaic effect from your chosen image. Up close, the diamond painting will look like shimmery pixelated artwork. It is meant to be marveled at from afar.

Connect with us to request a free preview of mosaic custom diamond art.

New custom diamond art kits are one-of-a-kind diamond paintings that combine filters and glittery diamond drills on a blank canvas. Impress your family members and guests with youthful artwork that glitters and sparkles!

Our designers with offbeat tastes are meticulously working to bring freshness into the aesthetics of diamond painting. The result is the whole new concept of custom kits. Give it a try! And tell us in the comment section how you feel about these new custom diamond paintings.

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