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How to Remove Wrinkles from a Diamond Painting Canvas [5 SOLUTIONS]

Often times, there are a few issues that arise when one is about to start on a new craft project. Diamond painting, with all its glitz, glamor, and sparkling puzzles, also has some tiny issues that may make you feel as if you are in a sticky position, but the issues can easily be overcome. In order to ensure that some of these issues do not bother you, we have compiled a mini "how-to" series that can help you get rid of these issues with complete ease and minimal worry. 

After "how to start Painting by Diamonds", we have opted to help our customers with the pesky wrinkles and creases that adorn the canvas when it is unfurled for the first time. It may be a result of unkempt storage, packaging, or delivery, but as long as there are no tears in the canvas, there is nothing to be worried about.

Here are a few ways with which you can remove the wrinkles and creases from a diamond painting canvas.

Using Heavy Objects to Remove Wrinkles (#1)

    Probably the simplest way to remove wrinkles from the canvas is by confining them under heavy objects to ensure that the wrinkles are pressed out of the canvas. In order to do so, you may follow the following instructions:

    Things you need:

    • Tape
    • A flat surface, like a table top or marble slab
    • Heavy things like books, a heavy board or heavy ornaments

    How to:

    1. Take your diamond painting canvas and carefully unfurl it.
    2. Using tape, stick it to the flat surface.
    3. Make sure that the canvas has been stretched taut to ensure no wrinkles remain.
    4. Place the heavy object on top of the stretched canvas.
    5. Wait overnight.
    Flatten s Diamond Painting Canvas


    Note: This tip is also mentioned in our list of the 20 best tips for diamond painting. It is the simplest of ways to remove creases and wrinkles from the canvas; however, it may not be the most effective one. In case this does not occur the way you are expecting it to, please refer to the second option given below.

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    Using a Knife (#2)

      The mention of a knife indeed must have made you raise your eyebrows in a curious fashion, but our method is not as daunting as it sounds. Sometimes, the wrinkles and creases are created as a result of multiple air bubbles in the canvas film that covers and protects the adhesive layer. In order to remove creases and wrinkles from the canvas film, you may follow the following instructions:

      Things You Need:

      • A small penknife
      • A Pen or pencil
      • A Ruler
      • Care and concentration

      How to:

      1. Lay down the canvas on a flat surface. Make sure that the canvas is flat and not curling.
      2. Using a ruler and a pencil, draw a vertical line going from top to bottom on the canvas film. Make sure that the lines start at a one-inch break from one end of the canvas to the other. (one-inch break means that the line starts not exactly where the canvas does, rather at a one-inch gap from one end of the canvas).
      3. Taking a penknife, make a straight but slight incision from top to bottom, along the lines you drew. Please be very careful while handling the knife. Do not make deep cuts in the film as it may damage the canvas under the film.
      4. Having made the cuts on the film, you will have multiple strips of canvas film that are ready to be peeled off, instead of one whole film.
      5. Carefully peel off one of the strips but do not go all the way to the end. Replace the canvas film as soon as you can, gently and smoothly. Run a hand over the strip to ensure that the bubbles have been removed.
      6. Repeat the process for all the strips to ensure that the bubbles have been removed from the entire canvas.
      Diamond Painting Canvas Wrinkle Removing

      Note: please ensure care while using a knife. It is advisable to use a knife that has a strong grip and a sharp blade. Please do not make deep cuts. In case you find this method a bit too daunting or not as fruitful as you would want it to be, please refer to the next method.

      Using an Iron (#3)

        Using an iron is one of the most common ways of getting rid of creases and wrinkles from fabric. However, in case of a diamond painting canvas, one should not jump immediately to this solution. The reason is that diamond painting canvases are covered with a layer of adhesive film that is susceptible to melting and burning in case of contact with heat. Keeping that in mind, one should only opt for this method in case nothing else works out, but with immense care and concentration. A steam iron can also be used alternatively.

        Things You Need:

        • An Iron
        • A Tea towel

        How to:

        1. Lay down the diamond painting canvas on a flat surface.
        2. Using a tea towel, cover the surface of the canvas entirely.
        3. Keeping the iron on low heat, gently iron the canvas.
        4. In case you are unable to get the creases out of the canvas, it is recommended against turning up the heat. Please opt for other methods. You do not want to destroy your canvas before you even start the work.
        Diamond Painting Wrinkle Removal Process
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        Using a wrinkle remover (#4)

          Wrinkle removers are a new innovation in the world of fabric products. By just spraying the wrinkle remover from the bottle on to the creased surface, the wrinkles are smoothed down. Wrinkle removers can also work for the wrinkles on diamond painting canvases, since the canvas is made up of fabric. In order to do so, you may follow the following instructions:

          Things You Need:

          • Wrinkle remover (you can get from here)
          • A flat surface
          • A cloth to clean the excess with

          How to:

          1. Place the canvas on a clean and a dry surface.
          2. Holding the wrinkle remover spray bottle at least 6 to 10 inches away from the canvas, spray on the canvas, covering it in its entirety.
          3. In case excess remover gets on the surrounding surface, clean it with a cloth.
          4. Use the remover in short bursts. In case the canvas is thick and heavy, you may use it in larger amounts, though not very excessively.
          Diamond Painting Wrinkle Removal

          Note: this method is one of the safest and the most reliable ones when it comes to removing the wrinkles and creases from diamond painting canvases. The only issue that may arise can be the unavailability of the wrinkle remover, but it is now becoming more and more available in departmental stores.

          Using a Heating Pad (#5)

          One method to remove wrinkles from diamond painting canvas is the heating pad method, which involves using heat and pressure to smooth out the canvas. You can remove wrinkles from diamond painting canvas using the heating pad method and create a beautiful and sparkling diamond painting masterpiece.

          Here are the step-by-step instructions for removing wrinkles from diamond painting canvas using the heating pad method.

          Things You Need:

          • Heating Pad
          • A Flat Surface such as a Table or Ironing Board

          How to:

          1. Plug in the heating pad and set it to a low or medium temperature. It's important not to use high heat as this could damage the canvas or cause the canvas to lose adhesive properties.
          2. Lay the heating pad flat on the table or ironing board, making sure it is fully extended.
          3. Place the wrinkled diamond painting canvas on top of the heating pad, with the creases facing downwards.
          4. Smooth out any large wrinkles or creases on the surface of the canvas with your hands or a flat object such as a ruler or book. Be gentle to avoid damaging the canvas.
          5. Fold the canvas in half along the crease, so that the back of the canvas is facing outwards.
          6. Apply gentle pressure to the folded canvas with your hands, pressing down firmly to smooth out any remaining wrinkles or creases. Again, be careful not to damage the canvas.
          7. Leave the folded canvas on the heating pad for around 10-15 minutes. The heat will help to relax the fibers of the canvas and make it easier to smooth out any remaining wrinkles or creases.
          8. Unfold the canvas and check for any remaining wrinkles or creases. If there are still visible creases or wrinkles, repeat steps 5-8 until the canvas is completely smooth.
          9. Once the canvas is smooth and free from wrinkles, leave it to cool down for a few minutes before placing the gems onto the canvas. This will ensure that the adhesive properties of the gems are not affected by the heat.
          Diamond Painting Wrinkle Removing Method

          Now that you have been given five different methods to try removing wrinkles from diamond painting canvas with, opt for the one that suits you most and get to work! Happy diamond painting!

          Common Mistakes to Avoid:

          When working on a diamond painting, a smooth canvas is essential for a flawless finish. However, removing wrinkles from the canvas can be tricky, and some common mistakes might hinder the process. Here are seven mistakes to avoid during diamond painting canvas wrinkle removal:

          1. Using Too Much Heat on the Iron: One of the most common methods to remove wrinkles is using an iron. However, setting the iron to a very high temperature can damage the canvas. It's crucial to use a low- to medium-heat setting and always iron on the reverse side of the canvas.
          2. Not Using a Protective Layer: When ironing, always place a protective cloth or parchment paper between the iron and the canvas. Direct contact with the iron can melt the adhesive or distort the printed guide.
          3. Ignoring the Canvas Material: Not all diamond painting canvases are created equal. Some might be more heat-sensitive than others. Always check the material of your canvas and adjust your wrinkle-removal method accordingly.
          4. Rolling the Canvas Too Tightly: While storing or handling, rolling the canvas too tightly can cause more wrinkles and creases. It’s better to roll it loosely and store it in a cylindrical container to maintain its shape.
          5. Applying Direct Heat to the Adhesive Side: If you’re applying heat to the adhesive side, it can cause the glue to melt and spread, ruining the canvas. Always work on the reverse side.
          6. Using Heavy Books Incorrectly: Placing heavy books or weights on the canvas is another method to remove wrinkles. However, an uneven distribution of weight or using excessively heavy objects can stretch the canvas out of shape. Ensure even distribution of mild pressure.
          7. Not Allowing Enough Time: Whether you're using the ironing method or the book method, give it enough time. Rushing the process can result in incomplete wrinkle removal or, worse, damage to the canvas.

          By avoiding these common mistakes, you ensure that your diamond painting canvas is wrinkle-free and ready for a beautiful, smooth finish. Remember, the key is to be gentle and patient—the perfect setup for a stunning diamond painting masterpiece. Take your time to prepare your canvas correctly, and the rest of your diamond painting experience will be all the more enjoyable and rewarding.


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            Shelly Stringer
          • I have already had my diamond painting framed and am horrified to see a crease right through the middle. I will now have to take it out of the frame and try to get the crease out…HELP!

            Dixie McCormick
          • I am working on my second diamond painting so I have two glue pens. Neither of them will pick up the beads though I put the pen in the pink glue pad. Could you please send me another pen & glue pad?

            Thelma Wittke
          • How to remove wrinkles after the diamonds are glued to the canvas? What is the maximum temperature we can apply to the canvas backing without harming the glue or the diamonds?

          • I have used the first method to remove th wrinkles by heavy objects and its works for me and its really easy rather than using knife or other methods

            Ettie R. Martineau

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