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Collection: Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson is one of Great Britain's leading wildlife artists, a multi-award winner whose paintings are now widely collected throughout the world.

He has had sell-out exhibitions in London, Germany, and the United States. His paintings have appeared in numerous magazines and books and original works have been auctioned at Christie's in London.

Eric has been the subject of a Sky Television documentary zeitgeist about his life and work.

He is also a respected teacher of art, with students coming from all over the world to learn from him. He has taught extensively in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Austria, and Thailand. His instructional DVD 'Pastel Masterclass' has been a huge success.

The worldwide appeal of Eric's work is not only the craftsmanship of his paintings but the fact that he has spent a lifetime studying these animals in the wild, from Polar Bears in the frozen north, Gorillas in Zaire, to Tigers in Nepal. Eric paints wildlife from his own direct experience'.

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