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Collection: Robert Andrea

I’m Robert Andrea, and I’m a self-taught artist. My wife Jill and I live in beautiful Northwest Wisconsin where we spend countless hours outside marveling at the beauty around us. God’s creation really speaks to me, and I am humbled that He has gifted me as an artist to bring Him glory.

 After retiring from 32 years in law enforcement, I am able to devote much of my time to my passion for painting.  Since retiring in 2013, I have won the 2016 Wisconsin Turkey Stamp Competition and the 2016 Oregon Duck Stamp Competition.  I consider myself a versatile artist which allows me to paint diverse subject matter.

My paintings explore the relationships between sportsman, nature, and wildlife and also include humor and elements of simpler times.  I am inspired by nostalgic and illustrative artwork and by the many stories that friends and family have shared over the years. I try to bring these inspirations to life on canvas.  As an artist, nothing brings me more joy than bringing a smile to someone’s face or evoking a memory of their own.

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