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About Us

Paint by diamonds or diamond painting, as it is more commonly referred to as is one of the most creative and therapeutic forms of arts that we have around today. Suitable for all age groups, it is designed to unleash the creativity inside you in the most fun ways.

We at Paint by Diamonds, offer colorful painting kits that you can enjoy with the whole family or take on as a personal artwork project. Gone are the days when you had to worry about brush strokes, paint consistencies and brush numbers to be able to create something unique and marvelous. With these new 5D painting kits, anyone can be an artist now.

Why choose us?

With so many in the market, you might be wondering why should you go ahead and choose us instead? Well, the answer is simple.

Customer satisfaction

For us, our customers are not just a one-time gig. We rather believe in retaining customers and maintaining good relations with them by providing continuous after sale services and help.  Having served over a thousand customers to date, we take pride in knowing that we still stay true to our business values and ethics even after all this time and plan to do the same in the future.


Having lots of options to choose from is always a good thing. This is why we have stocked a huge range of diamond painting kits that will cater to everyone’s personal inclinations and give them all something to feel excited about.

For all age groups

Whether you are a professional or just an amateur, looking for something to take up as a hobby, these paint kits are meant for you all.


All the paint by number kits is available at market competitive rates so that you can get the best at the best possible rates.

Start by scrolling through the many paints by diamond kits we have to offer and select the one that you would want to begin with.  We guarantee that it is so addictive that you wouldn’t want to stop at one only.

If any queries, our customer support team will be all too happy to answer them for you.