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What is Diamond Painting? How to, Tips, FAQ, Framing & Sealing

Have you just recently joined this diamond painting aka Painting with Diamonds fraternity? Or it’s been a while and you’re just a tad curios now? Or are you still confused and looking towards the best in the business to provide you with a handy guide that could guide you to gratifying greatness? In any case, this diamond painting guide is going to help you with all of your queries regarding diamond painting art.

What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting is a stellar art & craft hobby which has won billions of hearts across the globe. With the help of a Diamond Painting applicator tool, every enthusiast picks up their shimmering diamonds and places them onto the marked adhesive canvas. The batch of hundreds of diamonds entwined together, form a diamond painting which is known to soothe your senses. Enthusiasts knock their stress out of the park by pursuing this easy and effortless leisure. 

In France it is known as "Broderie Diamant" or "diamant painting" - Trendy Diamond Painting was the first company to sell diamond painting kits in France.

5D Diamond Paintings

Why Diamond Painting is so Popular?

Diamond Painting originated in the last decade and it is here to stay for centuries owing to its unique characteristics and benefits. Diamond painting is a fun craft hobby. More & more people are adopting this hobby as it's quite easy & fun to do. So, come! be a part of this esteemed club that is home to billions of enthusiasts already. 

We know that you’ve been tirelessly, endlessly and keenly searching everything related to diamond painting but what if we tell you that your wishes are true and we’ve jotted down everything that you need here. In a revolutionary chain of events, our experts stumbled onto the need of housing everything on a single page and have bridged the previous gap to produce this In-depth and Ultimate Guide to diamond painting.

Everyone who’s embarking on the journey to produce a diamond painting masterpiece would find this handy guide to diamond painting a total bliss. (Euphoric Drumrolls)

4 Things to know before Starting Diamond Painting

Before you set out to sail towards your diamond painting destination, our expert team of navigators want to enlighten you with a set of instructions that are known to make your experience immaculate and ensure smooth sailings;

1. Choosing your Setting:

Some of you might think that this one is a no-brainer, really but since we claim that we’ll cover each and everything in this guide so this one here is for the masses. Choosing your surroundings and setting wisely is the most imperative step in diamond painting as you’ll eventually invest quite a lot of your time pursuing this hobby. So this experience demands that your setting be as comfortable as humanly possible and the lighting should be adequate enough for you to maintain your focus. The more your surroundings will be soothing, the more your painting experience will be gratifying.

Peaceful Environment for Diamond Painting

2. Picking the right spot:

This goes without saying that it is strongly recommended that diamond painting must be pursued on a flat table possessing optimal height and optimal length.

One of the reasons we are highlighting this point is that we don’t want to see diamond painters looking like hunchback of Notre Dame.

We also don’t want the canvas falling over or bending from one end so having the right table or the right spot will work wonders for you. It’s in your best interest that your spot should be stable enough for you to exercise mobility as well.

art table for diamond painting

3. No to Nuisances:

Whichever work or leisure activity that you’re pursuing should be free from all kinds of nuisances. (unknown)

That’s a rule that is there since the very beginning of evolution and that is here to stay in diamond painting experience as well. Ensure that your surroundings are dirt free and there isn’t any unattended liquid matter which could potentially wreak havoc on your experience. As the saying goes, precaution is better than cure. 

Paint by Diamonds Art Room

4. Preserving your canvas:

If you’re naturally guilty of being forgetful or being one of those unlucky people who land in scenarios where they eventually end up losing things, this one’s directly addressing you guys. Simply, you can get some assistance from technology and channel your inner photographer to click a picture of your charismatic canvas. This way you’ll always preserve the canvas even if you be your worst self. If you loose the DMC Chart or instructions manual, you'll always have access to them through the photos in your phone. This will help you work efficiently on your diamond painting canvas.(In the battle against nature, always be one step ahead. Aha!)

Diamond Painting Canvas

Scrutinizing the search engines explicitly revealed the fact that one of the most searched topic these days is diamond painting but the knowledge out there pertaining to this growing phenomenon is uncannily very limited. All Diamond Painting has a good diamond painting guide for beginners on their blog.

The next segment of this guide is aimed to bestir yourself with the canvas and give you a better understanding before you dive into producing the masterpiece with your bare hands.

7 FAQ's about Diamond Painting

everything you need to know about diamond painting

1. What comes in a diamond painting kit?

Every diamond art kit is extremely special and every kit is loaded with:

  1. A delightfully printed velvet canvas covered with a protective coating of sheet
  2. Tiny, shiny and labelled drills (diamonds)
  3. Tweezers
  4. Settler (Pen for applying the diamonds)
  5. The Adhesive gel
2. What is the adhesive gel (wax) used for?

Adhesive gel serves the primary purpose of enabling you to pick up the diamonds prolifically. A minute amount of gel is enough for you to apply on the pointy end of diamond applicator tool and then you can proceed gently lift the diamonds and apply them in their designated place.

Diamond painting gel

3. What are the diamonds made of?

These elegant and colorful diamonds are tailor-made to perfection by quality acrylic material which are known to have a long lasting sparkle, glitter and glamour.

Diamond painting Diamond types

4. Diamond paintings targets which age group?

Diamond painting is one of those rare gems that is fun for all ages irrespective of race or gender. (WOAH!). However, these paintings best suitable for 7+ ages. Beware of choking hazards for small kids.

Diamond Painting for All Ages

5. How long does it take to complete a diamond painting?

This is a very subjective question as the answer to it depends entirely on your own interest and pace. However, larger sizes will require an ample amount of time whereas the smaller ones just require you to devote lesser hours as compared to the former. So there’s no hard and fast rule to complete this.

6. How can I interact with other diamond painting artists?

There are plenty of Facebook groups and online communities where people can easily join and be a part of the clan. Remember, it is safe for everyone to join them. It acts as a prolific support system, confidence booster and a perfect remedy to fight your inner introvert.

7. How can one protect their finished diamond painting?

Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can easily seal the painting and then frame it to protect it from any sort of wear and tear.  The prolific guide to sealing and framing the canvas is highlighted in a separate article and you can find that out here too. Here is a special frame for your diamond painting.

Diamond Painting Sealing

Our prolific answers will quench your desire to eradicate your looming confusions. We believe you are now well-versed to begin your diamond painting journey with us. (Buckle up!)

Diamond Painting is an Interesting hobby

Enthusiasts across the globe are delighted to be alive in an era in which a hobby like diamond painting is currently in full swing. Diamond painting is a unique and charismatic form of entertainment that comes in various types. Please note that each type of diamond painting is heavenly, and our sole aspiration is to equip you with all the relevant knowledge so that you can opt for whichever type you adore. Here we go:


As the name prolifically suggests, square diamond paintings refer to the physical shape of the diamonds that are used in this painting. Square drills (diamonds) are known to give the painting a more compact outlook as the diamonds are entwined with each other.

Square Diamond Painting

Square drills are guilty of lamenting unmatched sparkle and shine. Squared drills diamond painting swiftly falls into their places and thus it resonates a wholesome feeling of completion.


It’s a no brainer really that round diamond paintings are the ones in which round diamonds are used prolifically. The ease of completing this type of diamond painting is unparalleled as the drills are very ease to move. Beginners find round diamond paintings effortless and uncomplicated because the diamonds latch onto the applicators tool in a flash.

Round Diamond Painting

Every enthusiast can work their way through their masterpieces swiftly. The feel-good factor that a completed round diamond painting brings to the table is something that stands out about it.


Another type of Diamond painting is the full drilled ones in which the entire canvas is glimmered and glistened by diamonds. Full drilled diamond paintings are usually the ones which use squared diamonds, and it portrays a mosaic look. If you’re one of those individuals who just wants to double the fun and slowly make their way to their wholesome masterpiece, this type is tailor-made for you.

Full Drill Diamond Painting

Partial drilled diamond paintings are canvases that are partially covered in diamonds. (You saw that coming, didn’t you?) Partial drills are exquisitely effective in emphasizing a part of an image. In these types of paintings, the subject matter comes in prime focus.

Partial Drill Diamond Painting

Partial drilled diamond paintings have a clearer focal point and thus it is an effective way to draw the viewers eye towards the highlight of the striking imagery.


3D Diamond painting has taken the painting fraternity by a storm. In 3D diamond paintings, each diamond is blessed with three facets (sides which give the diamonds its shape and dimensions) on each of its sides cumulating to a total of nine. Beginners preferably use 3D diamond painting as it is extraordinarily easy and eloquent.

3D Diamond Painting

The coolest induction to the painting clan is this type of diamond painting. 5D diamonds have five facets on each of its end and have a sum of 15 facets altogether.

5D Diamond Painting

Five-dimensional diamond painting is famous for providing a sparkling masterpiece that possesses limitless beauty. People who’ve mastered the art of other types of diamond paintings can opt for this marvelous type.


You thought the painting world would be complete without the power of customization? Definitely Not! Custom diamond is the biggest sensation as of now. It enables you to think of any adored picture, send it to us and we’ll convert it into an astonishing piece of art to cherish forever.

Not only do we crop and frame your subject in the photo, but also, we enhance lightings and make possible adjustments/corrections (if needed) to make your photo an eye candy over the canvas. Come fall in love with our wide range of size choices.

Custom Diamond Painting

This type of painting is solely dedicated to the masses who wish to make their diamond painting experience even more special. Special diamond painting kits are a blockbuster as compared to their contemporaries because of their easy nature and affordability.

Special Diamond Paintings

Moreover, they are power packed with special shaped diamonds. They are a hybrid to the square and round shaped diamonds. Immerse in the depths of infinite glamour and mesmerize your senses as this type of painting is irresistibly realistic and you wouldn’t want to miss this serenity.


AB diamond paintings are same just like square diamond paintings or round diamonds. However, these are categorized separately because of the diamonds used in these paintings. AB diamonds, also known as Aurora Borealis diamonds, are special types of rhinestones that have a coating that gives them a rainbow-like effect. The coating reflects multiple colors of light and adds a unique dimension to the finished artwork. These AB diamonds are also used in simple square & round diamond paintings to give them an extra sparkling effect.

Overall, AB diamonds are a popular choice for diamond painting enthusiasts who want to add a bit of extra sparkle and dimension to their artwork.

AB Diamond Painting


We’ve effortlessly saved the best type of diamond painting for the end. The name itself is self-explanatory and these types of paintings are growing their fanbases by leaps and bounds.

Multi paneled diamond painting amalgamates various panels of hand designed diamond paintings which are tailor made to provide multi panel canvas effect. These paintings are hugely amplified and usually take up a huge space and time to complete. Once completed, these paintings serve as a treat to watch landscape. Multi paneled diamond paintings are a perfect delicacy to feast your starving eyes.

Multi Panel Diamond Painting

This type of diamond painting uses special diamonds that are phosphorescent, meaning they can absorb light and then glow in the dark. The glow-in-the-dark diamonds are typically used in specific areas of the painting to highlight certain elements, such as stars in a night sky or the moon in a landscape. During the day or under light, these paintings look like normal diamond paintings, but once the lights are off, the glowing parts come to life, creating a stunning and magical effect. This feature adds an extra dimension to the artwork, making it not just visually appealing in the daylight, but also a captivating display at night.

Glow in the Dark Diamond Painting

LED Diamond Painting takes the art to a new level by incorporating LED lights into the canvas. These paintings are designed with sections that allow for small LED lights to be inserted behind the canvas. When switched on, the lights illuminate the painting from behind, enhancing the sparkle and vibrancy of the diamonds. This creates a stunning backlit effect, making the colors pop and giving the artwork a dynamic and eye-catching appearance. LED diamond paintings are particularly effective for creating mood lighting or for artworks that depict scenes requiring a dramatic or luminous backdrop, like cityscapes at night or sunsets.

LED Diamond Paintings

How to Paint using Diamonds

In order to hone your Inner Da Vinci, we have you covered in this spectrum as well. Not everyone knows how to paint using diamonds in the most extravagant and exquisite manner, so our experts have compiled a series of fifteen steps that will serve as a complete guide to diamond painting;

  1. Begin by unloading your diamond painting kit. Make sure to empty your kit on a flat surface.
  2. Next you have to familiarize yourself with the labels present on the sheet and in doing so you’ll understand your canvas
  3. Use a masking tape to unfold the canvas. You’ll now witness a wrinkle-free beauty in front of you
  4. Next, peel off the plastic covering inch by inch.
  5. Proceed by pouring out your delightful diamonds onto the attractive tray.
  6. Moving on, dip the pen gently on the gel in order to lift the diamonds
  7. Tap the diamonds with the settler tool (diamond painting pen) and the diamond will latch onto the tool with full force.
  8. Using a delicate touch, you should now apply the diamond onto its respective place.
  9. Continue this process until your desired area is complete.
  10. Peel the sheet as you proceed. (Remember, one inch at a time)
  11. Once you’ve crept your way to perfection and your desired destination, you can cover your canvas the plastic sheet.
  12. Use rolling pins to add stability to the core of the canvas.
  13. Stack a load over the canvas or apply sealant to ensure durability.
  14. Let the load stay overnight and the next day you are free to remove the masking tapes now.
  15. Lastly, you need to frame the canvas using stretcher bars and that is a tedious task which needs to be carried out under expert supervision or parental guidance to avoid any harm.

To become the next big diamond painting sensation, all you need to do is to adhere by this step by step expert instruction manual to paint with jewels.

How To diamond Painting

Expert Tips for Diamond Painting

Your diamond art experience can be made even better if you follow these resourceful tips set forth by our esteemed fraternity of diamond painting:

  1. Our first pro tip to smooth out the canvas from all sides is to apply force from your fingers.
  2. The next tip is to peel off the plastic inch by inch at the tortoise’s pace.
  3. Taking up the sort sport (where you sort out your diamonds in trays) before diamond painting is the key to ultimate bliss.
  4. Apply masking tapes, to have a fuzz free experience and to keep nuisances at bat
  5. Another stellar tip is to follow the downhill approach. It helps you to maneuver from the top to bottom with ease.
  6. Use Blue tac instead of regular wax as the blue tac just needs to be replenished once a fortnight and it is lighter on the wallet too.
  7. A useful tip is to tape the drills right next to its corresponding symbol. The charts can then help you recall the right drills and visually work magic for you.
  8. For prolific placements, using checkerboard placements in areas belonging to the same color scheme can aid in keeping your lines perfectly aligned. (Extreme levels of gratification guaranteed)
  9. To combat air bubbles, use either a blade or a cutter to slice that particular area and within no time the air bubbles will vanish.
  10. To further illuminate your canvas, using a light pad adds clarity and helps you perform better.
  11. Placing another identical tray on top of an already tray loaded with diamonds help you in resolving the sticky syndrome of the diamonds being stuck together
  12. Smothering the area that has lost its zeal with baby wipes can help you bring back the lost galore instantly.
  13. Using permanent markers to scribble the numbers or symbols in accordance to their respective diamond pouches is a very handy tip.
  14. Always use multi diamond applicators as they rev up the process and act as a catalyst in plying the diamonds.
  15. Here’s our last but not the least tip, never, I repeat NEVER discard your drills until and unless you’re a retard.

While you’re currently bamboozled by our top notch tips and are possibly contemplating that nobody can stop you from becoming a diamond painting maestro, all we’ve got to add here is that our expert team is still on the hunt for newer and better tips. Do keep an eye on this space to learn more.


Sealing and framing are to diamond painting what garnishing is to cooking. While sealing ensures that diamonds stay intact, framing ensures that the beauty of your masterpiece is amplified. Let’s learn Sealing first, here we go:

  • Sealing is a process that ensures that your diamond paintings can be mounted anywhere without worrying about falling diamonds.
  • Sealing effectively stops diamonds from moving and that is a huge sigh of relief.
  • The tools needed for Sealing are Sealing glue/spray/paste, Paintbrushes, Rollers, toothbrushes, or any piece of clothing and tweezers.
  • Before applying the sealant, using the rollers, make sure to eliminate any sneaky air bubbles on the canvas.
  • Also make sure you use a cloth or a toothbrush to prolifically wipe the extra wax that might be protruding between the cracks of the canvas and use tweezers to refine your masterpiece by fitting in the drills, respectively.
  • Embark on the art of sealing your diamond painting by either using a glue stick, glue paste, or a glue spray.
  • If you opt for a glue stick, you can continue rolling this stick over the entire painting until you’re totally satisfied.
  • If you choose glue paste, insert your paintbrush in it and continue caressing your canvas with it.
  • If you go for a glue spray, make sure to keep its nozzle aligned in front of the canvas and spray till the sealants magic work.

Let’s head over to framing now:

  • Framing serves as the cherry on top of the cake of diamond painting.
  • Framing can be carried out in several ways namely standard-sized framing, stretcher bar framing, and professional framing.
  • Standard-sized framing is simple, you just need to buy a frame of your choice that compliments your finished painting.
  • Professional framing as the name suggests is done in a frame store by veterans. Choose a frame and they’ll sort everything out for you.
  • Using Stretcher bars to frame masterpieces, is the most used method of framing.
  • To prolifically complete this process, you’ll require stretcher bars, marker/pen, scissors, and U-nails.
  • Using these wooden bars, enthusiasts create a box-like figure to frame their respective canvases.
  • Starting off with aligning the wood and attaching it to the canvas ends, the enthusiasts move on to clamp the painting between the stretcher bars.
  • Lastly, under expert supervision and/or parental guidance, the nails are drilled into the wood and thus the cardboard is prolifically positioned in its desired place, & with that, you’re successfully done with the framing part too. Your diamond painting journey comes to a perfect end. (WOOHOO!)

Custom Diamond Painting - Unlimited Possibilities

The best tip you could ever use if you are a diamond painting lover is to use CUSTOM DIAMOND PAINTING to its full potential.

Ever saw a photo or a piece of art and thought I would love to do this in a diamond painting kit? Take that photo and send that to us because this is exactly what custom diamond painting is for. Our experts will convert your photo to a diamond painting.

Here we have a guide on how to choose a photo for custom diamond painting but if you are not so techy, don't worry, just send the photo to our team and we will make it perfect for you.

Custom Diamond Painting


Possessing good tools is the foremost essential element but knowing how to use those tools in the right way is the real. To master the art of diamond painting, it is pertinent to get acquainted with the diamond painting tools. We’ve compiled a guide of Primary tools and Supportive Tools to pave your way to fun. Here goes the list of primary tools:

  • Tremendous Applicator Tool: Starting off with the most important tool of the diamond painting arsenal. These applicator tools are of four types namely drill pens, wax pens, wheel pickup pens, and multi drill placers.

Diamond Painting Pen

  • Dandy Drills: It’s a no-brainer really that Drills are as important as anything else in the journey of diamond painting. These tiny diamonds come in squared, round, 3D, and 5D shapes.

Diamond Painting Drills

  • Perfect Light Pad: It is an essential tool that has the power of bedazzling your canvases and helps you focus more on the area you are working. Not only does it put an end to the mistakes but also It prolifically reduces the strain sometimes hits the eyes. Either you can opt for a battery-operated LED light pad or you can choose a rechargeable one.
LED Light Pad
  • Graceful Glue/Wax: This is the binding force of this whole diamond painting experience. Without a good glue or wax, the naughty diamonds won’t stay in their respective places.

Diamond Painting Glue

  • Trendy Tweezers: These trendy tweezers are very handy tools to remove incorrectly positioned diamonds. These tweezers are crowd-pleasers indeed.

Tweezers for Diamond Painting

Moving onto the supporting tools now:

  • Creative Compartments: Creative solutions are always loved by the masses so here comes the most underrated supportive tool. Storage compartments as the name itself suggest can help you keep the tiny drills from the reach of pets and adolescents. These compartments have huge spaces in them which can host batches of diamond painting accessories with ease.

DP Tools Storage Box

  • Fantastic Frames: For those of you who want to add the extra wow factor to your masterpieces, here’s an amazing supportive tool. There are four types of frames in the market, standard-sized glass frames, stretcher bar frames, art canvases, and professional frames. Each type is unique in its very own way.

Wooden Frames for Diamond Painting

  • Magic Magnifiers: This is a must-have tool for everyone who has difficulty viewing smaller areas of the canvas. The magnifiers work their magic and provide a clearer view.

Magnifier Desk Lamp

  • Outstanding Organizers: This organizer tool helps you in prolifically segregating your diamonds based on color schemes and it helps you keep your beloved diamonds safe.

Diamond Drills Organizer

Benefits of Diamond Painting

After going through the entire above mentioned guide, you’ve probably made up your mind already to start pursuing this hobby instantly. If you’re still stubborn enough to be skeptical about this, we’re now commencing to play our trump card. The final ace of our deck i.e. lamenting the peculiar benefits of diamond painting. If you’re not already convinced, this segment is surely going to win your heart, mind and soul.

There’s no denying the fact that Diamond painting is known to possess plenty benefits, both direct and indirect and our experts have jotted down all of them in the most significant manner here;

  • The potion of confidence that is injected into our bloodstream through taking up this hobby and regularly completing your masterpieces is one of its kind and goes a long way in increasing our confidence.
  • Diamond Painting is known to alleviate all the stubborn and negative energies inside you with a long-lasting effect.
  • Diamond-painting kits is the rare commodity that helps you keep your mind off technology. This addiction is a pretty healthier one and there are no harmful effects whatsoever
  • Painting by diamonds is a one for all hobby that can be taken up by all ages. The sense of achieving together is known to induce the much needed quality family time
  • Diamond painting proves to be a stepping stone that enhances your skill levels, boosts your creativity and helps you sore to newer heights by tapping the right chords of your brain.
  • Diamond art lets you explore new horizons and fights all your inner introvert tendencies by letting you communicate, interact and learn from the entire community of diamond painting.

We know that you’re convinced to take up this diamond painting hobby as soon as possible. Anyways, since our prolific and in-depth guide to diamond painting is now complete, all we’ll say is that the diamond painting world awaits you with its arms wide open.

We promise that we have left no stone unturned to make your artistic journey a bliss and we guarantee that we’ll continue serving our entire diamond painting clan. Lastly, cheers to our ingenious, unique and unparalleled services. (SAYONARA!)


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  • This is very helpful. Thanks to all.

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