Best Diamond Painting Tips [2021 UPDATED]

In this day and age, it is barely possible to invest your time in creative hobbies. Investing in a hobby which would keep you engaged and interested even after days go by is hard. If you are looking for one such activity to keep your brain active and creativity intact, then "Painting with diamonds" is something you will enjoy.

However, before you get started with the task, getting equipped with some hands-on diamond painting tips and tricks that might help you through is going to be of great help. To assist you further, we have compiled a list of tips below that will make the activity much more fun for you and eradicate any chances of you making errors that might affect the end results.

Here we go with some extraordinary diamond painting hacks that will help you master the art of diamond painting:

Use your study table to provide your canvas a flat surface!

You need a plain and flat surface right under your canvas, for perfect results. Therefore, It’s better to be seated before your study table while painting or on the floor in a comfortable position before you begin.

Or else, use a cutting board for concise results!

In case, you do not have a small study table to place your canvas in a downright straight position, you can make the most of your kitchen appliances here. A cutting board is good enough to accommodate your canvas and would leave you enough space to keep the result of the essentials close by too.

Sandwich the canvas between two thick books to straighten it out.

Place the canvas in the midst of two thick books for about half an hour after you unroll it. This would help flatten it out and prepare it for the job ahead.

Bring in multi-diamond applicator tool to boost the process.

You will be bored and tired of picking tens of hundreds of diamonds one by one, won’t you? Using such a tool would make you fix a number of diamonds in one attempt. Click here to add 13 pieces set of replaceable heads applicator tool in your collection.

Use an empty egg carton for a giant collection of diamonds.

Why spend money on buying something when you can make do with the things that you have at home already. If you have an empty egg carton, you can gather each diamond-category in different segments it has. It will save you money of a large tray.

Use a jewelry box for compartmentalizing the diamonds.

To place the diamonds safely and separately, using jewelry/makeup box is a good idea. This will prevent them from getting lost and would help keep things assembled for you.

If you want to be more professional and need proper and good quality tools for your diamond's storage, so you can also check our product here.

Place some weight on four sides of the canvas.

If you see it bending forward, just place lightweight objects on its edges, as a necessary measure.

Use a bold marker for highlighting number on every diamond-category.

You should be using black marker to boldly write the pertinent number on every color. It needs to be seen vividly.

Paste your diamond in the reference index next to its own number.

To avoid squandering time in little things like that, just pick one diamond from each class and paste it on the canvas parallel to the relevant number.

Paint by Diamond tips

Put a dryer sheet in the tray

Sometimes, due to bit of extra wax/gel, the diamonds start sticking to each other. To hinder them from unifying and from sticking to other things, keep some dryer sheets.

Remove the sheet in bits and pieces.

Do not reveal the entire sheet in one go. Remove a few centimetres of it at once, and fill in the diamonds. Complete the procedure, subsequently.

Diamond Painting Tips

Use an ice-cube carton for collecting diamonds.

The thing with diamond painting is that you cannot afford to lose the diamonds. Thus keeping them safe is crucial. Since diamonds are as small as they can be contained in an ice-cube carton or two. Hence, you can use this utensil as an alternate for the tray.

Use a toothpick instead of the applicator tool.

For some perfectionists, time-saving tactics hardly matter. If you do it one by one, you will get it properly stuck in its respective place. Toothpick has the sharpest edge, that’s why it can work best.

Place the diamonds sensitively.

If you use a little force assuming that this is what it takes to fix the diamonds perfectly, let alone getting fixed, the diamond might jump out of its place and be lost somewhere.

You can’t afford to lose the diamonds.

The diamonds are pretty microscopic. You need to be very careful with their disposition.

Use tweezers in case you wrongly placed a diamond or two.

Making a mistake is so human. If you mistakenly placed a bead in the wrong box and it got stuck because of wax/gum, you just need a tweezer to set it right. You can check a very fine quality tweezers here.

Slightly stretch it back and forth to ensure that the diamonds are not lose.

You ought to confirm that the diamonds are not likely to come out of their respective boxes. It will reduce the chances of imperfection.

Rinse glue/wax off the diamonds.

After making sure that your diamonds are placed rightly, take a moisture-laden piece of cloth and remove the gel off the diamonds, which might be diminishing their shine.

From top through the very bottom.

You need to decide where to start from. It’s better to start from the top and work your way down.

Kill the air bubbles using a steel scale.

If you notice some ridges on the canvas, rest assured, the air bubbles caused them. You need to move a steel scale all over the place to do away with those air bubbles.

For a more rewarding experience, our team of experts have compiled a resourceful list of tips for our treasured community of Diamond Painting. We reckon you won’t find these unique tips elsewhere:

Kill the Fuzz.

For a fuzz-free experience, here’s our maestro tip. In order to ensure that there are no frictional interruptions, apply Masking Tapes at the edges of your diamond painting canvas. (Kill the fuzz before it kills your fun)

Masking Tape for Diamond Painting

All Hail the Blue.

Our adept enthusiasts recommend that the use of a Blue TAC instead of the ordinary waxes provides a soothing experience. We hail the blue and are often called the blue crew because the normal waxes tend to dry out overtime. The Blue TAC lasts months whereas the regular wax lifespan is for weeks.

Blue Tac for Diamond Painting

The Light Savior.

We’re well aware that you know how to add colors to your canvas, but let us tell you how to add light to your canvas as well. For any sort of diamond painting, the use of a Light Pad will enhance your overall experience and turn out to be a savior for you. The unmatched clarity and top-notch performance come hand in hand here.

LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting

Resurrect The Stickiness.

Once you feel that overtime the stickiness is dying, we have a holy way of reviving your stickiness. It doesn’t get any simpler than this, just use Baby Wipes. Smearing any area with Baby wipes ensures that particular area’s resurrection. Baby wipes not only help in stickiness, but also it aids in removal of paper or hairs.

Wipes to Clean Diamond Painting Canvas

Only Retard's Discard.

Never give up on your unused Diamonds Drills. Always keep them closer to your heart. The drills that now seem useless to you, will definitely be beneficial in the future. (Remember, only a retard would discard)

Diamond Painting Drills

 With all these Paint by diamond tips in your arsenal, you are well on your way to getting a good start to your diamond painting activity. Stay focused and within a few days, the activity will grow on you.

As of now, these tips are here to make your diamond painting experience a lot more worthwhile. But don’t frown yet, as we speak, our experts are still hunting down more and better tips for you. Watch this space to get more updates. (SEE YA!)


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