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How to Choose The Best Photo for Custom Diamond Painting

Have you ever pondered how cool the world would become if everything could be customized? (Guilty as charged? Guilty as charged!) What If we tell you that your dearest diamond paintings provide you this luxury of customization? (Excited aren’t you? so here goes nothing) Once you’ve mastered the art of diamond painting like a pro, you’re ready to embark on the journey to take the next step towards the latest addition to this painting clan, which quite rightly is taking the world by a storm and that is Custom Diamond Painting.

What is Custom Diamond Painting?

Even though the name is self-explanatory, but custom diamond painting is a distinctive process which offers you the delight of choosing your most treasured photo and we’ll metamorphose that into a lifelong masterpiece for you to commemorate.

Custom Diamond Paintings


Custom diamond paintings are a unique and one-of-a-kind masterpiece which is wholesome on so many levels. With every uncertainty that has engulfed us this past year, the world has retorted to indoor activities and we’re very certain that Custom Diamond painting provides unparalleled bliss and fulfillment. It is a luxury that everyone can afford these days.

The paramount features of custom diamond painting are:

  • A Broad Spectrum of Size choice: What fun would the customization be if it did not provide all sorts of choices? Well! Everyone’s a winner here as you get to decide whichever size works best for you, based on our huge spectrum of options.
    Choose the Best Size for Diamond Painting
  • Opting for your favorite diamond shape: That’s what customization is all about. You get the privilege to decide whether you want to roll with the round diamonds or slay with the squared diamonds.
    Square & Round Diamonds
  • A Brimmed full-drill Coverage: Usually the customizations around the globe aren’t as comprehensive as they are promised, but in custom diamond paintings you get to have all the fun in the world because every canvas will turn out to be a brimmed one which would need to be covered with diamonds completely.

Now that you have ample knowledge pertaining to Custom diamond painting, without further ado, we’ll embark on the journey to find the answer to the most important question of Custom diamond painting i.e. How to choose the Best photo for custom diamond painting? Our expert crafters have successfully compiled the most prolific answer to this question;

1. EMBRACE SIMPLICITY: It’s a no brainer really that if you’re doing something for the first time, always keep it simple initially and you can work your way to the next level subsequently. If you choose a complex image which has a lot of details and small objects, there will be a whole host of different colors and small sections for you to deal with. That can be quite challenging and complicated.

A simpler photo enhances the appeal of the painting and makes the final result more of an eye candy. If you choose a photo with a simpler background, it will only add value to the overall beauty of your primary subject. Nobody wants to overshadow their subject of the photo so the best practice here is to choose the photo that has a blurred background and/or the entire focus is on the subject with little to no details behind it.                                                                                         

Simple Diamond Paintings

2. PAY HEED TO ASPECT RATIO: If this term is a relatively newer one for you, don’t you worry as long as we’re around. Aspect Ratio is basically the correlation between the height and width of the photo. Similar to other ratios, it is illustrated in a “X:Y” ratio. Consider this ratio as an essential factor because it helps you in picking the best size for the canvas. For best results, it is recommended that you choose a photo with a same (if not more) aspect ratio as the canvas you have opted for.

If the aspect ratio and the canvas aren’t the same, either a white space or a cropped version would pop up and would potentially affect the overall appeal of your masterpiece. (You wouldn’t want that, Right?!)

3. SIZE MATTERS: The lifelong debate of whether the size matters is actually applicable here too (WINK WINK!). It is important to signify that when it comes to size, we have to look at it in two ways. Firstly, the size of the digital picture and secondly the size of the canvas. Together, both of these matter the most. The more the size of the digital picture, the more will it be powered by a higher resolution. An image having at least 500x500 pixels, is considered worthy enough to be lamented “good enough”. Unfamiliar with the term “Pixels”? Well it is a minute blimp on your screen that takes up a space, nearly 1/96th of an inch.

Together the tiny droplets of pixels join hands to form a scintillating photo. A photo with fewer pixels needs to be zoomed in order for it to fit the canvas, thus it loses its shape. On the other hand, a photo that has ample pixels is smoothly sits well on its throne. The color scheme of a photo with more pixels turns out to be vibrant enough to soothe your eyes. On the other hand, a picture that has lesser pixels will be a spoilsport as It will be pixelated and blurry. Secondly, larger canvases obviously make your experience grandeur and they make sure your final results are bigger.

The final verdict here is to always opt for the picture that has a lot of pixels. Hence for this craft, always choose the highest quality pictures which are well-lit.

Size of Diamond Painting Kit

4. KEEP AN EYE ON CSS: CSS basically stands for colors, shading and shadowing. Before you begin processing what color scheme and shades should you opt for, it is vital to understand as to how it will impact your custom diamond painting canvas. If you don’t pay heed to this part of the process, you’ll end up asking "Why is the white portion of my diamond painting possessing a different color?” or “Why does the black portion of my painting lamenting brown and green colored diamonds?"

The most simplistic thing to learn is that every color is magnified manifolds when a photo is metamorphosed into a custom diamond painting kit. As a result, the slight red hue present on your photo, transcribes into parts of your painting you would expect to be white. To negate these kind of effects, it is recommended that you make some color/tone adjustments and also negate shadow effects.

5. ORIENTATION OF THE PHOTO: Needless to say, though crucial to remind, the photo orientation does play a pivotal role in either making a masterpiece or ruining one. If the original photo is portrait, never opt for a landscape canvas and vice versa. The sole reason behind it is that if you choose a portrait canvas for a landscape picture, it will just seem odd and uncanny. Hence, Always keep the original orientation and rest assured, it will glimmer in all its glory.

6. CROP THE CRAP: As harsh as this analogy may sound, but we totally mean it because the main subject matter is the key for a custom diamond painting. All we want is the main subject to be the center of attention hence it is necessary to crop the “extra” surrounding or background materials. If the main subject matter, takes up equal to or more than the 3/4th photo, congratulations, you’ve successfully cropped the crap.

7. Embrace Emotional Attachment: The key to selecting the best image for your custom diamond painting lies in embracing your emotional connection to it. Instead of solely focusing on the visual appeal, consider the memories and feelings associated with the photo. Whether it's a snapshot of your loved ones, a cherished pet, or a special moment in time, choose an image that tugs at your heartstrings.

By prioritizing emotional attachment, your custom diamond painting becomes more than just an art project; it becomes a lasting tribute to the moments and relationships that matter most to you. As you work on it, you'll not only create a beautiful piece of art but also a heartfelt keepsake that will continue to evoke treasured memories for years to come.

Love Diamond Painting

You’re destined to greatness if you keep in mind all these above-mentioned points. They are articulated in detail because they are equally essential and ensure you have smooth sailing in these sorts of crafts. There’s no doubt whatsoever that the most important part of custom diamond painting, is to choose the best photo and for that matter, we do take pride in providing the most viable set of options.


We’re ecstatic that you decided to learn the art of choosing the photo for custom diamond painting with us and as a bonus we’ve got something more lined up for you. It’s definitely your lucky day as we’re also rolling out another set of kit size recommendations:

  • Small = 17cm x 20 cm ~ it serves as a perfect size for pictures which don’t have details and are solely focused on a single object/person.
  • Best-fit Small = 20cm x 30cm ~ it serves as a perfect size for simpler pictures which have little details around the center of attention.
  • Medium = 30cm x 40cm ~ it serves as a perfect size for most photographs with designs. This size is now well equipped to lament details.
  • Best-fit Medium= 40cm x 50cm ~ it serves as a perfect size for almost all sorts of designs. Almost everything will feel compact in this size.
  • Large = 45cm x 60cm ~ it serves as a perfect size for exhibiting a huge spectrum of details. Sceneries and close ups will seem immaculate.
  • Best fit Large = 40cm x 120cm ~ it is the biggest size for a custom diamond painting kit. This will be the most power packed size which will have all sorts of details and give you the luxury of a true striking masterpiece.

With the ever so changing world that we’re living in, it is quite pleasing to witness how the craft world is also keeping up and constantly evolving (for the better of course) to meet the desired expectations of every enthusiast. Every custom diamond painting is indeed a treat to watch.


  • Perfect! Package very well pack. Small bracelet as a gift thank you

    Sara Wagner
  • My first experience isn’t very good but let’s see how it goes this time btw I love your canvas.

    Leonard Hall
  • Great tips! I’ve only been doing squares for the past few years, and I haven’t tried doing the rounds yet. I have round paintings in my stash, but I haven’t got around to doing one yet. I kind of told how big my stash is since I’ve been doing diamond paintings for a couple years, and I haven’t got around to any of my round paintings yet.

    Teresa Phillips

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