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All our round & square Paint Diamond kits are full drill unless otherwise mentioned.

Diamond Painting is easy & no skills are required.

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Diamond Painting Kits

What is Diamond Painting?

what is diamond painting

A Type of Painting that is done on a canvas using diamond-like beads as paint and diamond applicators are brushes. Other commonly used names for diamond-painting are diamond art, diamond embroidery & diamond cross stitch.

Square or Round Diamonds?

difference between square diamond painting and round diamond painting

Square diamond kits are almost always full drill (Diamonds cover full canvas). Round Diamond kits come in full & partial drills. Most people prefer square diamonds over round ones.

Difference of 3D & 5D Diamonds

what is 5d and 3d diamond painting

Its about the facets on the diamonds. 5D means more facets than 3D.
5D diamonds sparkle more than 3D diamonds.

Package & Whats Inside?

diamond painting tools

Premium Tool Set for Diamond Painting:
1. Self Adhesive Canvas
2. Diamond Applicator + Tweezers + Tray + Glue
3. Small labeled diamond bags.

Cartoon Diamond Art Kits

Diamond Painting Pro Tips

Diamond painting can be tons of fun and it sure does bring out your creative best! However, the procedure is slightly complex and while it may take no time to become a pro, it is best to remain safe with these tips!

1. First and foremost, remember to choose a kit that will keep you happy for a looong time!
2. Carefully check out your canvas before beginning and organize all your crystals in a tray with the flat side down.
3. Have you heard of working your way up? That's what you should do with your canvas! Begin at the bottom and work your way up.
4. Peel off the plastic sheet covering the canvas in small sections to ensure the canvas stays sticky and doesn't dry out. It will also help you organize your work into sections.
5. It is best to do things one at a time so start with one color and then move onto the next for better organization.
6. Use a toothpick as a setter to place crystals that are sort of jutting out or aren't properly in place.
7. Last but definitely not the least, have patience and fun as you will most definitely create a masterpiece!

Diamond Art Supplies


Why Diamond Painting?

Who knew that diamond painting had so many benefits and was great in all respects? Well it does! Diamond Art gives you an intellectual, emotional, and health boost in numerous ways. Here's how:

1. If you have trouble focusing, painting by diamonds will particularly accustom your brain to it as you will now be triggeriyng both your logical and creative skills. You will be following patterns and creating art at the same time!

2.  Life can be stressful, which is why people tend to find creative outlets for themselves. Diamond painting is a great stress-reliever and the results put a smile on your face and boost your self esteem.

3.  Choosing a hobby like diamond art helps you connect with other similar people and develop strong relationships. You may even be able to start a business or sell some of your creations through interaction.

4.  This is a versatile form of art and you can feel it rather than just see it! You can literally see and feel the attention to detail and it is rather simple and fun if you get the hang of it!

why diamond painting?