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New & Improved 5D Diamond Painting Kits - Paint it with Diamonds

All our round & square Diamond art kits are full drill unless otherwise mentioned.

Our Diamond Painting Kits are ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Velvet Canvas - AB Diamonds - Plenty of tools - Poured Glue - More Colors

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Nature Diamond Art Kits

The Art of Diamond Painting

Diamond painting provides its enthusiasts with the luxury of exploring a lot of variations. For starters, there’s special diamond painting kits, LED diamond painting and glowing in the dark diamond painting etc. The thing that stands out is the CUSTOM DIAMOND PAINTING that painting with diamonds offers.

Choose ANY photo from world-wide-web or your phone to place an order for custom diamond painting.

We’ll convert your photo into a diamond art masterpiece.

Diamond Painting Kits

2-4 Days (USA Shipping)

Paintwithdiamonds.art is a proud US Company. We have some diamond art kits in stock in USA and these are shipped from USA with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Check all available designs in USA.

The PWD™ kit includes:

  • 1 Premium Printed Branded Velvet Canvas
  • Poured Glue - Say bye to double tape
  • Small Sachets of numbered diamonds
  • Every Kit has 2 or more AB Diamonds
  • 2 Trays for diamonds
  • 1 Tweezer
  • 2 Diamond painting pens
  • 3 Piece Multi-diamond applicators
  • 2 Pots of wax
  • Sizes bigger than 30x40 are Box packed
  • Premium Tools set
  • What is Diamond Painting?

    what is diamond painting

    A Type of Painting that is done on a canvas using diamond-like beads as paint and diamond applicators are brushes. Other commonly used names for diamond-painting are diamond art, diamond embroidery & diamond cross stitch.

    Square or Round Diamonds?

    difference between square diamond painting and round diamond painting

    Square diamond kits are almost always full drill (Diamonds cover full canvas). Round Diamond kits come in full & partial drills. Most people prefer square diamonds over round ones.

    Difference of 3D & 5D Diamonds

    what is 5d and 3d diamond painting

    Its about the facets on the diamonds. 5D means more facets than 3D.
    5D diamonds sparkle more than 3D diamonds.

    Package & Whats Inside?

    diamond painting tools

    Premium Tool Set for Diamond Painting:
    1. Self Adhesive Canvas
    2. Diamond Applicator + Tweezers + Tray + Glue
    3. Small labeled diamond bags.