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15 Artsy Things to do with Leftover Diamonds

Once you’ve aced your Diamond Painting masterpiece and the apple of your eyes is laying right in front of you in all its glory, you’re probably wondering why is there a pile of unused diamonds on the side, and what should you do with it? (We’ve read your thoughts, haven’t we?) Well! As it is usually the case, our experts are here to walk you through this as well. First things first, most diamond kits come in with excess diamonds and secondly, we’ve prepared a list of twelve serene ideas which you can opt to prolifically deal with leftover drills.

Fun Ways to use Extra Diamonds

We know that you’re not very excited about storing these diamonds for a long time, but know that the fruit of patience is always sweet. If you hold onto these drills, at one point of your diamond painting journey, they’ll surely be handy as a replacement or giving a unique personalized touch.

1. The Layered Beads Craft:

If you want to use your diamonds in a crafty and elegant way, the best idea is to first sort them according to their respective colors. Next, all you need is a glass bottle or a jar to pour these diamonds into layers. Inspired by the children’s craft of sand art, this craft will act as eye candy wherever it will be placed.

Diamond Drills Jar

2. The Unique Ornaments:

Nothing beats a handcrafted ornament when it comes to providing the wow factor. The gorgeous and shiny diamonds are the perfect ingredients to channel your creativity into creating unique ornaments. Hollow ornaments are readily available in the market and using glue or adhesive tape, the diamonds can cling onto thus adding the sparkling and flair element to it.

Diamond Drills Ornaments

3. Stylize your Belongings/Accessories:

If you’re someone who’s already versatile inside out, this idea of endless possibilities will work wonders for you. An old pair of sneakers, an old wooden frame, an old mirror, or anything that lacks a sparkling effect can be spiced up by gluing some diamonds onto it. The diamonds will not only add the bling factor to your attire, but also it will make your surroundings more appealing.

Reusing the Diamond Drills

4. Gifting Extra Beads:

The diamond painting fraternity is a closely-knit one nowadays courtesy of social media. Enthusiasts can make the most of their leftover diamonds by gifting it to someone who’s in need of a specific color scheme. However, we recommend donating the diamonds to a daycare or a kindergarten school in your vicinity. They’ll definitely know how to make the most of these diamonds.

Donating the Diamond Drills

5. Unsure? Let’s Manicure:

As uncanny as this idea may seem right now, but it definitely will be a trend all across the globe soon. All you need is your favorite colored nail polish and add a layer over your nails. Moving on, stick the diamonds on top of it and add more coats of paint over it. Once it’s dry, it’ll sure make everyone go wow.

Nail Art with Diamond Drills

6. The Sun Fun:

If you’re one of those who are very enthusiastic about 5D diamond painting and loves hanging their masterpieces on a wall, this idea is tailor-made for you. You can use the leftover diamonds and attach them to create a fun shape that acts as a sun catcher. As soon as the rays drop over this shape, it will definitely be eye candy and a feast for the eyes. The diamonds through their refractory ability will add glitter to your masterpieces.

Creating Suncatcher with leftover Diamonds

7. Charismatic Christmas tree:

The best way to add charisma to your Christmas tree is by adding the leftover glittery diamonds. An effortless option is to fill up a clear glass or a plastic globe with diamonds and attach it to the Christmas trees. The twinkling diamonds will slay your attic in all their glory.

Christmas Ornaments with Diamond Drills

8. The Holding Cups:

Looking for an idea that is extremely easy yet aesthetic? Well, search no more. This one’s for you. Simply fill a mug or a jar with the un-utilized diamonds, and (TADAA!) you’ve successfully created storage cups for holding up anything that you like.

Creating Holding Cups with Diamond Drills

9. Design your own Masterpiece:

We know that you must be adept in creating your masterpieces by now, but there’s a fun twist with un-utilized diamonds. You can easily create and design your own masterpiece by using a pre-stretched canvas. Turns towards your creativity levels and sketch any image whatsoever, and you can then proceed to fill it up with diamonds. (VIOLA! IT’S THAT SIMPLE).

Diamond Painting with Excessive Drills

10. The Glittery Face Mask:

While it’s in the best interest of all of us to use a face mask outdoors, what fun is wearing a bland one? No doubt, the customized and personalized face masks available in the markets are heavy on the pocket, but you can transform your bland face masks by sticking diamonds onto them. Become a unique trendsetter.

Diamond Painted Face Masks

11. The Trump card?

The greeting cards available in the market are far more expensive and are far less extravagant than the ones you can create at home using these leftover diamonds. Create a heartfelt and soothing card today and send the sparkling card to your loved ones.

Diamond Painted Greeting Cards

12. The Calm Down Jar

There’s the latest trend on the internet that has taken the world by storm. It’s called the calm down jar. It can be used by anxious preschoolers or anyone who wants to divert their minds to something incredible. A combination of diamonds, glue, and water will help you create this jar, and just like a lava lamp, this will instill a cool and calm effect on your nerves. (A win-win situation indeed.)

Calm Down Jar with Diamond Drills


13. Decorative Plant Pots:

Transform plain and ordinary plant pots into eye-catching decorative pieces by adding leftover diamonds. Whether you choose to create geometric patterns or intricate designs, these embellished pots will add a touch of glamour to your indoor or outdoor garden.

Plant Pots Diamond Painting

14. Lampshade Accents:

Elevate the ambiance of any room by adorning your lampshades with diamond accents. The sparkling diamonds can be strategically placed along the edges or in specific patterns, creating a subtle yet captivating lighting effect that enhances the overall décor of your space.

Lamp Shade Diamond Painting

15. Personalized Gift Tags:

Make your gifts even more special and memorable by crafting personalized gift tags with leftover diamonds. Whether it's a birthday, holiday, or any other occasion, these tags will add a touch of luxury and thoughtfulness to your presents, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.

Diamond Painting Gift Tags

This concludes our list of fifteen serene ideas that you can use to perfectly use your leftover drills.

Some Random Ideas to Experiment with Extra Diamonds

As you’re going through this article, our esteemed team of experts is searching for other alternative ideas too. There are endless options to use leftover diamonds. We've narrowed down a list of ideas that you must experiment to check if they are useful for you or not.

  1. Create a stunning mosaic: Use your extra diamonds to create a beautiful and intricate mosaic art piece. You can use a template or make your own design.
  2. Make a glittery phone case: Use your extra diamonds to decorate a clear phone case for a sparkly and unique look.
  3. Bedazzle your sunglasses: Use glue to add some extra diamonds to the sides or frame of your sunglasses for a fun and sparkly look.
  4. Create a diamond keychain: Use a keychain kit and your extra diamonds to create a personalized and blingy keychain.
  5. Make a diamond necklace: String your extra diamonds onto a piece of string or wire to create a dazzling and one-of-a-kind necklace.
  6. Decorate a picture frame: Use glue to add some extra diamonds to the frame of a favorite photo for a unique and sparkling look.
  7. Make a diamond-studded notebook cover: Use your extra diamonds to create a beautiful and unique cover for your notebook or journal.
  8. Create a diamond bookmark: Use a laminator and your extra diamonds to create a sparkly and fun bookmark.
  9. Bedazzle a hair clip: Use glue to add some extra diamonds to a hair clip for a glamorous and unique hair accessory.
  10. Make a diamond-covered pen: Use glue and your extra diamonds to decorate a pen for a dazzling and one-of-a-kind writing instrument.
  11. Create a diamond-covered vase: Use glue to add some extra diamonds to a plain vase for a stunning and unique centerpiece.
  12. Decorate a candle holder: Use glue and your extra diamonds to add some sparkle to a plain candle holder for a beautiful and unique decoration.
  13. Decorate a phone charger: Use glue to add some extra diamonds to a phone charger for a fun and unique way to charge your phone.
  14. Create a diamond-covered wine bottle: Use glue and your extra diamonds to create a stunning and unique wine bottle decoration.
  15. Bedazzle a gift box: Use glue and your extra diamonds to create a fun and sparkly gift box for a special occasion.

Experiment these ideas & share the photos of your creations with us. Don't forget to give your feedback & suggest new ideas for using the extra diamonds. 

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