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POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art
POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art

POLY ART - Custom Diamond Painting - Personalized Photo Art

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Our Designers will Convert YOUR Photo to POLY ART Custom Diamond Painting Kit

Diamond Art is therapeutic in any form, and when paired with your happy memories, beautified with glossy diamonds, it becomes a lifelong treasure.

Order a canvas larger than 30x40cm and thank us later :) Poly art paintings have more colors hence larger sizes give better result.

Get Following Free with Paintwithdiamonds.ART

⭐ Photo previews - Send us your photo to see diamond painting preview
⭐ Photo Editing & Enhancement - Cropping, color correction, brightness to make your photos look better.
⭐ Designer Recommendations - Exclusive suggestions by our designers about size and type of diamond painting you should order. Contact now
⭐ Lifetime Product insurance.

Order Your Custom Diamond Painting Kit

  • Choose a picture that you want to transform into a diamond painting. (Your pet, wedding photo, kids, or anything that fancies you.)
  • Upload your diamond painting to our website by clicking on "LET'S GO ! 📷".
  • Choose the canvas size.
  • Choose the diamond type (Round or Square)
  • Hit the"Add to cart" button.
  • Select quantity and check out.

Note: You can add a note for particular instructions and requests, and we will be happy to carry out your diamond art project according to your desires.

Personalized Diamond Painting Image

Every image can't translate into a captivating customized diamond art. Choose your image carefully to avoid disappointment.

  • Select a picture with high resolution.
  • Colors and Shading (neither too bright nor have many shadows).
  • Canvas Size should coordinate the image dimensions.

Zoom In to Check Image's Sharpness

Zoom in on the image and check quality before sending it for diamond painting. Pixelated and blurry images won't turn into a good diamond painting.

Free Color Correction and Image Touch-Ups

Our team of graphic designers will evaluate and touch-up your selected image. They will do the necessary color correction before turning it into customized diamond art. So, you get the optimum results and utter satisfaction.

Customized Diamond Painting Kit

  1. Canvas

  2. Premium full-drill adhesive canvas with printed legend.

  3. 5D Round or Square Diamonds

  4. 5D round or square diamond drills in labeled packaging.

  5. Tools

  6. Diamond applicator pen, tweezers, and tray for holding diamonds.

  7. Wax

Wax to pick up diamonds using an applicator pen.

Note: You can also choose extra supporting tools to be included in your kit. 

Custom diamond painting kit size recommendation

Custom Diamond Painting Canvas

You can select your desired Size for your custom diamond painting. Our sizes vary from 20 x 20 to 80 x 120 cm.

However, we recommend using 40cm or bigger to get optimum results that don't omit fine details.

Size Recommendation

Is your image landscape, portrait, or square?

If your image is in portrait mode, choose a portrait canvas size.
Our Recommendation:

  • 40x 60 cm. (40x60cm = 60x40cm)
  • 60 x 90 cm. (60x90cm = 90x60cm)

Choose a bigger size for fine details.

If your image is square, choose a square size for canvas.
Our Recommendation:

  • 40 x 40 cm
  • 60 x 60 cm 

The bigger, the better rule applies here too.

Choose landscape canvas for horizontal images.
Our Recommendation:

  • 60x40cm (40x60cm = 60x40cm)
  • 90x60cm (60x90cm = 90x60cm)

Want Personalized, Designer's Advice and Recommendation?

If you are still confused about canvas size, image correction, or photo uploading, you can send your queries via the "Contact Us" page, and we will get back to you with our advice and recommendation in 24 hours.

Sparkle up your walls and your life with our custom paint by diamonds art kits. Now you can turn a favorite photograph of yours into a beautiful piece of diamond art with our custom diamond painting kit. 

A Rewarding Labor of Love

A sparkling beautiful diamond painting will both adorn your wall and bring out your best artistic ability. When you put this together with your own hands and put your time and attention to detail into creating this masterpiece, it is likely to be close to your heart for a long time- or even forever

The Perfect Gift

You can choose this theme or many others and let your artistic flair thrive, or gift it to someone special.

Our Guarantee

  • We value and guarantee your privacy, your uploaded image won't be used for any purpose, nor will we store or sell your image.
  • We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. That's why we guarantee your 100% satisfaction.
  • In case of any accident or loss of diamond kit in transit, we offer free accidental insurance. 

Premium Tool Set for Diamond Painting:

  1. 1. Self Adhesive Canvas
  2. 2. Diamond Applicator Pen
  3. 3. A set of Tweezers
  4. 4. A Tray to sort Diamonds
  5. 5. Glue
  6. 6. Labeled bags of diamonds
premium diamond painting tools

Free Shipping All Over All the World

Shipping is absolutely free for a limited period all over the world. Enjoy it till it lasts, and order your diamond painting NOW!

Delivery Period

All our custom diamond paintings are designed in the USA and dispatched from our various warehouses located in different countries to keep the shipping rates low and pass on the benefit to our customers.

Shipping From the U.S. to the U.S.

The stock marked as USA Shipping can get fast delivery from 5-7 business days.
Custom diamond painting may take 14- days for delivery in the U.S.

Other Countries

Australia 15-25 days
Canada 15-25 days
United Kingdom 15-25 days
Finland, Sweden, Norway 12-25 days
France, Netherlands 10-25 days
Rest of the World

12-35 days

  • Please note that some African countries can take 45-65 days to deliver the orders.
  • If you don't receive your order (excluding custom kits) in 45 days, you can contact us.

Order Tracking

We will provide you with a tracking number after your diamond painting kit is dispatched. You can track your orders any time from here.

Dispatch Time

  • In-Stock items are dispatched within 12-48 hours.
  • Custom Diamond Kits may take up to 7 days to dispatch.
  • Out-of-Stock Items may also take 7 days to get delivered.

Additional Information

  • Orders will not be delivered to P.O. Boxes.
  • Duty and Customs Fees may apply if you live outside the U.S. Taxes and custom fees are to be incurred by the buyer.
  • Custom diamond paintings won't be returned or refunded. Carefully choose the design and size and ask for recommendations if you are unsure about your custom diamond painting.

Payment Information

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal and Apply Pay.
Please note that deliveries may get delayed due to Covid, logistics, and delay at customs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1009 reviews
Vicki Warren

Couldn't be happier, it was a gift a lovely reminder of our dog that we lost, so it came out beautiful

Very good custom diamond art!

I got a 50x70 painting. Just finished it, took about a month and half of working on it! The image is amazing, this surpassed my expectations! The drills are good quality with few defects and plenty left over. The canvas is good quality with a tight grid and clear symbols. Honestly, the only issue I had was the grid is so tight that afterward some areas were popping up, but running a roller over the finished product fixed it. Love it, can't wait to order my next project from here!


I would give 5 stars because I love that I can do custom photos but I didn't like that none of the gems were able to be to close

liliane robinson

I was so impressed with the picture will keep ordering from them all the time
Love it

Fast reliable and good quality

Happy with my custom diamond painting. The glue is good and the colour is brilliant. This is my fourth diamond painting works and love it. Sorry no picture as I am not finish with the latest one I ordered

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Custom Diamond Painting

  1. How to choose a photo for a custom diamond painting?
  2. If anything that might stop people from working on their dream customized diamond painting project is the uncertainty and doubts in choosing the photo. If we don't select the image with care, the result may be blurry and pixelated with so much disappointment. However, by following simple points, you can choose the picture that can translate into a perfect diamond painting.

    1. Choose an image that has high-resolution and quality. Zoom in the picture to check the details and pixels.
    2. A picture taken in optimal lighting conditions is preferred over a photograph taken in dark surroundings.
    3. The color of the picture should be bright, vivid, and doesn't have any overlay or visible color tint on it.
    4. The image shouldn't have dark shadows.
    5. Image dimensions should coordinate the selected canvas's dimensions.

    • For a landscape image, choose a landscape canvas.
    • For a square image, choose a square canvas.
    • For a portrait image, the canvas should be a portrait.

  3. Will the custom diamond painting be a full drill or partial drill?
  4. Our custom diamond paintings will be full drill, so every inch of your custom diamond art shines and glitters.

  5. What kind of diamond drills will I get for my custom diamond painting?
  6. You have the freedom to choose your desired diamond, be it square or round. So, if you feel comfortable working with round diamonds, you get a kit with round drills, and if you want to choose square diamonds, you get dazzling square diamond kits.

  7. What if I want to return my custom diamond painting?
  8. Since custom diamond paintings are made on order, you can't return them. However, we understand the sentimental value attached to the personalized diamond kit. That's the reason we make sure to send you the diamond kit by guiding you to get the right size, doing the necessary color correction, and after showing you the preview.

  9. I am not sure about the custom diamond painting size. What should I do?
  10. Check our custom painting recommended sizes. If you are unsure about anything, you can leave us a message, and we will guide you about your custom diamond painting size, color, image selection, etc.

  11. How much time does it take to finish the diamond painting?
  12. It depends on the canvas's size and the time you can dedicate in a day to work on your diamond painting. A small size canvas may get complete in a few days, whereas a full drill large-sized canvas may take a month. However, diamond painting is so relaxing and addictive that you won't leave it unfinished.

  13. What if I run out of a particular color diamond drill?
  14. Whether it is a custom diamond kit or a premade kit, our kits include extra diamond drills so you don't run out of any color while working. In fact, you may be left with extra diamond drills, which you can use in any other DIY project.

  15. Does canvas size matter in custom diamond painting?
  16. Yes, it matters a lot. If you choose a small-sized diamond painting, the final result will be blurry and pixelated with no details. A large size diamond painting will capture all the finest details of the original image.
    Additionally, if your image is in portrait mode, you should choose a portrait canvas. And for a landscape image, choose a landscape canvas, and the same goes for square photos.
    Click here for shipment and order tracking related queries.

Specialized Designers Images

We work in collaboration with exceptional designers and diamond artists to bring the artwork to life in the form of lustrous diamond painting. The hard work that goes into creating the art shows in the result.

No Blurry Print or Confusing Symbols

Ever got confused by the symbol on pre-printed canvas? We understand the frustration of trying to figure out the blurry symbols. That's the reason we use high-grade printers for all diamond painting designs to rule out any doubt of blurred print or symbols.

Luxe-Material Soft Canvas

All our canvases are crafted with soft, crease-resistant, and high-grade materials. And we are constantly updating the canvases to bring the best possible canvases for you to have a smooth and enjoyable diamond painting experience.

Lustrous Shine

All our diamond resins are cut to perfection for reflecting the light in a glorious sparkly way, so you don't get the lackluster matte kind diamonds that give a dull finish to the diamond painting.

Rich Vivid Colors

The colors of the diamond resins mimic the colors of the original image. The whole palette of the kit has a fresh and vibrant tone with no dullness.

No-Fade Paintings

All our diamond kits and resins are timeless. The sparkle and shine of the alluring diamonds don't fade, so you can adorn your walls with perfectly shiny diamond paints for the years to come.

Vast Collection

We have a vast collection of exceptional designs to satisfy the ever-growing addiction to diamond painting. Whether you desire LED diamond painting, animal or nature-related designs, you can browse our categorized collection to find the diamond painting that fancies you.

Free Recommendations, Preview, and Advice

We pride ourselves on impeccable customer service. Whether you have any doubt, queries, or want a recommendation or advice on custom diamond painting, we would be happy to assist you. Even if you don't buy from us, we would still love to guide you on any query regarding diamond painting.

How to Paint With Diamonds

Here is the step-by-step guide to the diamond painting.
  1. Open the package and lay out the canvas on the flat surface.
  2. You will see a legend (guide) printed on the side of the canvas with the symbols and codes. Select a symbol and code you would like to work on and pour out the corresponding diamond beads on a grooved tray.
  3. Peel off the adhesive from a side. Now, you will have to place the matching diamonds that correspond to its symbol or number on the canvas.
  4. For doing this, dip the applicator pen in the wax and pick up the diamond from the tray.
  5. Now, place it on the canvas. Start with one color resins and one side of the canvas.
  6. Keep doing this with all colors until you complete the whole diamond painting.
  7. Now, stand back and enjoy the marvel you have created.
  8. Don't forget to seal the painting before framing it.
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