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52 Best Diamond Painting Tips [2024 UPDATED]

In this day and age, it is barely possible to invest your time in creative hobbies. Investing in a hobby that will keep you engaged and interested even after days go by is hard. If you are looking for one such activity to keep your brain active and creativity intact, then "painting with diamonds" is something you will enjoy.

However, before you get started with the task, getting equipped with some hands-on diamond painting tips and tricks that might help you through is going to be of great help. To assist you further, we have compiled a list of tips below that will make the activity much more fun for you and eradicate any chances of you making errors that might affect the end results.

Here we go with some extraordinary diamond painting hacks that will help you master the art of diamond painting:

Tips For Workspace

1. Use your study table to provide your canvas with a flat surface!

You need a plain and flat surface right under your canvas for perfect results. Therefore, it’s better to be seated before your study table while painting or on the floor in a comfortable position before you begin.

Diamond Painting Workplace


2. Use a cutting board for concise results!

If you do not have a small study table to place your canvas in a downright straight position, you can make the most of your kitchen appliances here. A cutting board is good enough to accommodate your canvas and would leave you enough space to keep the results of the essentials close by too.

3. Adequate Lighting

Working continuously with tiny diamonds can put a strain on your eyes. That's why you should choose a place where there is adequate lighting. 

4. Comfortable Chair

People choose to do diamond painting to relieve their stress. However, it can badly backfire if you sit continuously with the wrong posture. Always choose a chair that can provide comfort while supporting your posture.

Working on Diamond Painting

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Tips For Canvas

5. Sandwich the canvas between two thick books to straighten it out

Place the canvas in the midst of two thick books for about half an hour after you unroll it. This would help flatten it out and prepare it for the job ahead.

Flatten a Diamond Painting Canvas


6. Place some weight on four sides of the canvas

If you see it bending forward, just place lightweight objects on its edges as a necessary measure.

7. Lifting and re-sticking adhesive layer to flatten the canvas

If you want to start your diamond painting right away and don't have time to flatten it by putting heavy books over it, you can lift the adhesive layer from one corner and stick it back again. Repeat the same procedure on all corners. The canvas will get flattened in no time.

Straighten a Diamond Painting Canvas

8. Resurrect The Stickiness of the Canvas

Once you feel that the stickiness is dying, we have a holy way of reviving it. It doesn’t get any simpler than this; just use baby wipes. Smearing any area with baby wipes ensures that particular area’s resurrection. Baby wipes not only help with stickiness but also aid in the removal of paper or hair.

Baby Wipes for Diamond Painting Cleaning


9. Using adhesives for sticking diamonds to the canvas

Don't use nail polish remover or ordinary glue on the canvas for sticking the diamonds. If some part of the canvas has lost its stickiness, you can buy special glue made for diamond painting.

10. Kill the fuzz

For a fuzz-free experience, here’s our maestro tip. In order to ensure that there are no frictional interruptions, apply masking tape to the edges of your diamond painting canvas. (Kill the fuzz before it kills your fun.)

Masking tape for diamond painting


11. Kill the air bubbles using a steel scale

If you notice some ridges on the canvas, rest assured that the air bubbles caused them. You need to move a steel scale all over the place to do away with those air bubbles.

12. Remove the sheet in bits and pieces

Do not reveal the entire sheet in one go. Remove a few centimeters of it at once, and fill in the diamonds. Complete the procedure subsequently.

Diamond Painting Ideas

Helpful Tools Tips

13. All Hail the Blue

Our adept enthusiasts recommend that the use of a blue TAC instead of ordinary waxes provides a soothing experience. We hail the blue and are often called the blue crew because the normal waxes tend to dry out over time. The blue TAC lasts months, whereas the regular wax has a lifespan of weeks.

Blue Tack for Diamond Painting


14. Bring in a multi-diamond applicator tool to boost the process

You will be bored and tired of picking tens of hundreds of diamonds one by one, won’t you? Using such a tool would make you fix a number of diamonds in one attempt. Click here to add a 13-piece set of replaceable heads to your collection.

Multi Placer Diamond Applicator


15. Invest in a large and deep tray

To use a multi-diamond applicator, you have to line the diamonds in the tray so they stick to the applicator. The trick is to shake the tray a bit so the diamonds line up. However, the regular-sized tray doesn't work well. Invest in a bigger and deeper tray, and shake them. They will line up in rows easily.

Diamond Painting Trays

16. The Light Savior

We’re well aware that you know how to add colors to your canvas, but let us tell you how to add light to your canvas as well. For any sort of diamond painting, the use of a Light Pad will enhance your overall experience and turn out to be a savior for you. Unmatched clarity and top-notch performance go hand in hand here.

LED Light Pad for Diamond Painting


17. Use a toothpick instead of the applicator tool

For some perfectionists, time-saving tactics hardly matter. If you do it one by one, you will get it properly stuck in its respective place. A toothpick has the sharpest edge; that’s why it can work best.

Tooth Picks to aid Diamond Painting


18. Clean the diamond pen nibs to remove old wax

If your diamond pens are not picking up the diamonds despite being filled with wax, clean the old wax and dip it again in fresh wax. It will help get the stickiness of the pen back.

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Tips For Organizing 

19. Use an empty egg carton for a giant collection of diamonds

Why spend money on buying something when you can make do with the things that you have at home already. If you have an empty egg carton, you can gather each diamond-category in different segments it has. It will save you money on a large tray.

Egg Trays to store Diamond Drills


20. Use a jewelry box for compartmentalizing the diamonds

To place the diamonds safely and separately, using a jewelry/makeup box is a good idea. This will prevent them from getting lost and would help keep things assembled for you.

Jewelry Box as Diamond Container

21. Label your organized diamonds

Which method of organizing diamonds you are using, always clearly label them with their DMC code.

Labeling Diamond Containers

22. Use an ice-cube carton for collecting diamonds

The thing with diamond painting is that you cannot afford to lose the diamonds. Thus keeping them safe is crucial. Since diamonds are as small as they can be contained in an ice-cube carton or two. Hence, you can use this utensil as an alternate for the tray.

Ice Cube Trays for Diamond Drills


23. Paste your diamond in the reference index next to its own number

To avoid squandering time in little things like that, just pick one diamond from each class and paste it on the canvas parallel to the relevant number.

Diamond Painting Working Tips

Tips For Diamonds

24. Use tweezers in case you wrongly placed a diamond or two.

Making a mistake is so human. If you mistakenly placed a bead in the wrong box and it got stuck because of wax/gum, you just need a tweezer to set it right. You can check very fine quality tweezers here.

Working on Diamond Painting


25. Slightly stretch it back and forth to ensure that the diamonds are not lost

You ought to confirm that the diamonds are not likely to come out of their respective boxes. It will reduce the chances of imperfection.

26. Rinse glue/wax off the diamonds

After making sure that your diamonds are placed rightly, take a moisture-laden piece of cloth and remove the gel off the diamonds, which might be diminishing their shine.

27. Place the diamonds sensitively

If you use a little force assuming that this is what it takes to fix the diamonds perfectly, let alone getting fixed, the diamond might jump out of its place and be lost somewhere.

Full Drill Diamond Painting

28. Use a bold marker for highlighting number on every diamond-category

You should be using black marker to boldly write the pertinent number on every color. It needs to be seen vividly.

29. You can’t afford to lose the diamonds

The diamonds are pretty microscopic. You need to be very careful with their disposition.

DIY Diamond Painting

30. Make use of a lint roller to pick the diamonds from the floor

If your diamonds accidentally fell on the floor. Don't panic! Diamonds can't fly. You can use a lint roller to pick them from the floor. Lay it on the tissue paper first. Rub them with a piece of cloth to clean the dirt and then put them in their labeled compartment.

Save Extra Diamonds

31. Use a specialized mini vacuum for picking up the diamond drills

Apart from the lint roller, you can also use a mini vacuum cleaner to pick up the diamonds from the floor. Such vacuums have a bottom cover to store the diamonds. These are easily available at Amazon.

32. Rolling Pin to Fix the Diamonds

After finishing the diamond painting, fix the diamond drills using a rolling pin. Don't use a rolling pin directly over diamonds. Lay a towel or a piece of cloth on the finished canvas, then use the rolling pin over it gently. 

Roller Tool for Diamond Painting

33. Put a dryer sheet in the tray

Sometimes, due to bit of extra wax/gel, the diamonds start sticking to each other. To hinder them from unifying and from sticking to other things, keep some dryer sheets.

34. From top through the very bottom

You need to decide where to start from. It’s better to start from the top and work your way down.

Diamond Painting Techniques

35. Use a white background

Working on a white background can help you see the colors of the drills more clearly. Use a white towel or piece of paper underneath your canvas to make it easier to differentiate between colors.

36. Use a Hairdryer

If your drills are not sticking well, use a hairdryer on a low setting to warm up the canvas. This can help the adhesive to become more tacky and improve the sticking power of the drills.

37. Use tweezers

If you need to remove a drill, use tweezers to carefully lift it off the canvas. Be gentle and take your time to avoid damaging the canvas or surrounding drills.

Diamond Painting Tweezers38. Start with the edges

Begin by placing drills along the edges of the canvas to create a border. This will help to keep the canvas straight and square as you work on the rest of the design.

39. Work in sections

Break the canvas down into smaller sections and work on one section at a time. This can help you stay organized and focused, and can also help to prevent the drills from drying out or falling off.

40. Use a diamond painting ruler

A diamond painting ruler is a tool that can help you measure the spacing between drills and ensure that they are evenly spaced. This can help you achieve a professional-looking finished product.

Diamond Painting Ruler Tool

41. Use wax sparingly

When using wax to pick up drills, use only a small amount to avoid getting excess wax on the canvas. Too much wax can cause the drills to stick together or become misaligned.

42. Be patient

Diamond painting can be a time-consuming process, but rushing through it can lead to mistakes and frustration. Take your time and enjoy the process, and you'll be rewarded with a beautiful finished product.

Tips for Storing, Framing and Sealing Diamond Painting

43. Use toothbrush for cleaning the dust before sealing them

If you have completed the diamond painting some time ago and want to seal it, you should brush off dust from diamonds using a toothbrush.

44. Seal your Diamond Paintings With Mod Podge

Sealing the diamond painting can increase the longevity of the diamond painting. Mod Podge Sealers work best in sealing the diamond painting. 

Mod Podge Sealer

45. Use spray sealers for partial diamond paintings with round drills

Spray sealers don't fill in the gap between the diamonds. So, if your canvas is partially filled with diamonds, you should use spray sealers for them.

46. Use Brush-on Sealers for full drill diamond paintings

Brush-on sealers come in matte and gloss finish both. You can use any of them on your full drill diamond paintings.

Diamond Painting Sealers

47. Store unfinished diamond paintings by rolling them

You can store unfinished diamond paintings by loosely rolling them with the diamond side out. Lay a piece of parchment over drills before rolling the diamond painting.

48. Use portfolio cases or cardboard boxes to store diamond painting

It may be convenient for you to roll the diamond paintings for storing them. However, the best way is to store them by laying them flat in any portfolio case or cardboard boxes. Use a thin sheet of paper to put in between diamond paintings. If you are storing more than one diamond painting, use a thin sheet of paper to put in between diamond paintings.

Diamond Painting Storage Ideas

49. Removing legend before framing!

Framing the diamond painting usually hides the legend. But in some cases, it may be visible from the sides. You can use nail polish remover to remove the legend before framing.

50. Use double-sided Frames!

If you have limited wall space or want to keep your surroundings ever-evolving, double-sided frames offer an exciting solution. Double-sided frames offer a unique opportunity to display two diamond paintings back-to-back. To make the most of this, choose paintings with complementary themes, color schemes, or contrasting styles for a captivating visual effect.

51. Store Diamond Painting Tools

Consider using a small, clear plastic storage container with multiple compartments to store your diamond painting tools. This storage solution offers several advantages. Firstly, it keeps all your tools organized in one place, preventing them from getting lost or scattered. Secondly, the clear container allows you to easily see and access the tools you need, saving time when you're ready to start your next project.

52. Store Excessive Diamonds

We strongly recommend that you should not throw away unused diamond drills. The drills that now seem useless to you will definitely be beneficial in the future. Store them in labeled containers for future use or DIY crafts.

Useful Ideas with Extra Diamond Drills


Our team of experts is working on preparing a list of things that you can do with your unused diamonds.

With all these Paint by diamond tips in your arsenal, you are well on your way to getting a good start to your diamond painting activity. Stay focused and within a few days, the activity will grow on you.

As of now, these tips are here to make your diamond painting experience a lot more worthwhile. But don’t frown yet, as we speak, our experts are still hunting down more and better tips for you. Watch this space to get more updates. (SEE YA!)


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